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Import of DXF-Files with optional saving in Shape or GeoPackage

The standard QGIS has a function to display DXF-Files. Furthermore, there exists a C++ Plugin for a DXF2Shape-Conversion.

Nevertheless, you have to admit that these results are not that satisfying.

These are my main points of criticism:
1) some elements (eg. different symbols) are not converted at all and so finally missing
2) the layer structure is not depicted
3) texts are not displayed (directly)
4) display attributes (like color/line width) are not translated

AnotherDXF2Shape should eliminate the problems 1 to 3.

The plugin does not create a new import, but it uses the possibilities of OGR to optimize the result.

The result of the import is certainly not perfect and the attributing of DXF is not converted either.
Nevertheless, the result of the import should be better than the QGIS-Standard-Import in every case.

The DXF-Format is quite complex and is „interpreted“ quite differently by different (CAD) programs. So it might happen that some versions do not work as expected.

Soon the Plugin will be released in QGIS Python Plugins Repository and directly available from Version 2.8 (Wien) in QGIS.
If there are any problems, I will be pleased about your feedback.

For those who are interested in the project there is a forum for questions/suggestions.

For detailed information PDF program documentation.

A new DXF standard interface was implemented with QGIS version 2.18.2
(December 2016).
So in the future, this plugin with version 2.18.2 will be redundant.